The IBPI team

Rachel Calam Rachel Calam
Project Role: Grant holder
About Rachel's role: Rachel is Professor of Child and Family Psychology at the University of Manchester – and is interested in children and families! She has been involved in many studies of Triple P. Her role is on the use of the In My Shoes interview for children, so that we can hear their voices in research.
Peter Diggle Peter Diggle
Project Role: Statistician
About Peter's role: Peter is a Distinguished University Professor of Statistics in the Lancaster Medical School. He has published widely on statistical methods for the analysis of longitudinal data and will lead the statistical aspects of the project.
Steve Jones Steve Jones
Project Role: Principal Investigator
About Steve's role: Steve is leading this research - he's the boss. Steve has a long and distinguished academic and clinical background. He is a Professor at Lancaster University and the director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research.
Fiona Lobban Fiona Lobban
Project Role: Grant holder
About Fiona's role: Fiona is a clinical psychologist, Assistant Director at the Spectrum Centre and plays a lead role on a number of research projects at the Spectrum Centre. Her role in this study is to lead the research alongside Steve.
Rita Long Rita Long
Project Role: Service User Researcher
About Rita's role: Rita is managing the Service User Focus Group which provides input into the design of the website and IBPI intervention. She also provides support on all other aspects of the project by giving input from a service user's perspective.
Rob Parker Rob Parker
Project Role: Research Associate
About Rob's role: Rob is the technical lead on the project. He has put the website together and provides support to the project team on web and I.T. aspects of the study.
Matt Sanders Matt Sanders
Project Role: Grant holder
About Matt's role: Matt is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland. He is founder of the Triple P Parenting Programme. His role on this project is to act as a consulting professor regarding the use of Triple P in IBPI.
Jelena Jovanoska Jelena Jovanoska
Project Role: Research Associate
About Jelena's role: Jelena is working on the ethical procedures, recruitment to the trial, and completing initial and follow up assessments. She is blind to participant allocation so please don't tell her if you are using the IBPI & Triple P websites or not.